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Crash diets never result in long-term fat loss. In fact, they are more likely to be the source of long- term fat gain and are too hard to maintain. It will make your body to get low on energy and cause you to crave for high-fat and high-sugar foods. When you finally give up and eat those foods, the possibility is that you will consume more calories than you need, resulting in intense fat gain.


Over restriction of caloric intake and starving yourself will have the opposite effect on your body and will cause your body to go into starvation mode where anything you eat will store as fat, as your body will not know when will get food again. However, restricting calories to a healthy amount, and adding in exercise will help you to lose fat in long term.

The main thing to remember is that your body need at least 1200 calories a day to function and you burn them naturally throughout the day even without working out. In order to lose fat, stick to at least 1500 calories or maybe a little more if you start working out daily. Start your day with rich breakfast, have healthy snacks, healthy lunch and end it with little smaller healthy dinner, two hours before you go for goodnight sleep.

Always remember that fat loss is not an overnight process; as you didn’t gain 10 lbs. in a day. Therefore, you aren’t going to lose 10 lbs. in a day either. Just keep with it and stay motivated, but by all means DO NOT starve yourself. It is really harmful for your body and will lead towards opposite effects.

So instead stay motivated and follow healthy eating patterns. In general, any diet that requires eliminating 100% of signal type of food category isn’t safe and once you are off of a fad diet the fat can return in no time.

It is always recommended by famous fitness expert to include snacks several times a day. It can support you with your fat-management goals because they provide essential energy, prevent overeating, and accelerate your metabolism. Healthy snacks provide about 200 calories or less, and also contain a combination of nutrients and fibres. Always go for a snack that contains hunger-fighting protein, beneficial carbohydrates and hearthealthy unsaturated fat (found in nuts, seeds, fatty fish, oils, olives and avocadoes).

Moreover, avoid snacks that are nutrient-poor and provide calories from little to no beneficial nutrients like fibers, minerals and vitamins.

The word diet is not a very friendly word for your health. However, most people think that going on a specific diet is all they can do to make sure the fat loss. Cutting back on cookies and chips is a wonderful idea but dieting doesn’t have to be about losing everything you love. Simply set yourself up with smaller portions at dinner and small dessert afterwards.

It is solely a doctor or dietician choice that can determine if you need to go on a true diet or not, but mostly they encourage a lifestyle and some eating pattern changes rather than depriving you of everything you love to eat.

Obesity has become a full fledge common disease these days. People tend to apply different remedies to loose fat instantly. Even latest technology is trying to incorporate several methods and techniques to enable people to get rid of flabby fat developed on their bodies. Some expensive methodologies like liposuction has also been introduced. Only well-off people can avail this service due to its high cost. These are not the permanent ways of getting rid of fats. For the time being you might feel younger, slimmer and smarter but when the normal routine starts you again start to gain the unwanted fat.

Achieving best health through diet and exercise is not an overnight process. It requires systematic approach, well-defined goals and a planned health strategy. The realization that you would start panting after a mild climb of three to four stairs is something to be worried about. Human body is the best possible form of a machine; but like other man made machines, this piece of intelligence and strength also requires constant maintenance and repair. The main aspect of keeping your body healthy and active is the balanced diet and regular exercise.

Other variables like fat loss, aerobics, yoga etc. can guarantee a unique physique but the primary benefit lies in the diet you eat and the workout you perform to keep the heart running.

These days costs of medical services are soaring up to the sky. High medical bills can even leave you in debt and may lead you to inevitable stress and financial problems that can affect your body and mental health massively. Heading towards a healthy life through healthy means will enable you to live every day of your life at its best.


10 Reasons Why You Fail to Lose Weight

Achieving the best health and optimum fat through diet and exercise is not an overnight process. It requires systematic approach, well-defined goals and a planned health strategy. The realization that you would start panting after a mild climb of three to four stairs is something to be worried about. Human body is the best possible form of a machine; but like other man made machines, this piece of intelligence and strength also requires constant maintenance and repair.

The main aspect of keeping your body healthy and active is the balanced diet and regular exercise. Other variables like fat loss, aerobics, yoga etc. can guarantee a unique physique but the primary benefit lies in the diet you eat and the workout you perform to maintain the best body fat.

Fat loss is not an overnight process. It requires determination and patience along with momentarily patience. There is not just one reason that you are constantly failing in achieving a well-toned body. Incompetent in reducing your calories, not having a balanced diet, unable to cut down junk food and certain medical conditions can deteriorate your fat loss and fitness. Following are the reasons why you fail to lose fat:

1. Eating when you are not hungry – You are eating either you are bored, stressed out or emotionally upset. Most of the people want to fill up their mouths with food but doesn’t want to fill up their bellies, which is totally illogical. Munching pointlessly for

the sake of time pass will enable you to put on more fat. Some people eat chocolates when they are stressed out or undergoing emotional breakdown. What they don’t realize is that besides the fact that chocolate is an anti-depressant, they are likely to gain fat more quickly in those days. People like to eat every time they sit in front of their TV screens.

2. Consuming more Calories than required – Keeping track of how many calories you averagely consume per day is very important. Set a threshold level against your fat and restrict yourself to consume calories above it. Maintaining a record should be an obligation to lose fat. Without proper check and balance you can also fall into over eating and fail to evaluate how many calories you consume daily.

3. Skipping breakfast – It is no myth that people who skip breakfast are likely to get more obese than those who start their day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast enhances your metabolism, lowers your cholesterol level, vitalizes your energy, makes you more productive and improves your focus level. A healthy breakfast containing fibers and carbohydrates will help you prevent excessive hunger that can initiate overeating in lunch or dinner. The idea is very simple; if you starve yourself till lunch or dinner, you will definitely eat more and completely fail to lose fat.

4. Lack of Aerobic Exercise – One of the best ways to lose fat instantly is to perform aerobic exercises. 30 minutes of indulgence in aerobic exercises can burn handsome amount of calories. Eating three meals a day along with extra stuffing will give you many extra calories and the only way to burn them is through cardiovascular workouts such as running, cycling, trekking, skipping, jogging, swimming, and walking. Aerobics shall not only help you lose fat but intense workouts like stretching and strength training will give you more muscular strength and flexibility.

5. Lack of Muscle Building – The most effective method of burning fat and building muscle mass is strength training. Strength training affectively increases bone density, strengthens the heart, lowers pumping blood pressure, enhances blood flow activity, prevents degeneration of muscles, helps control blood sugar to an optimum level, improves cholesterol levels and tremendously improves your physical balance.

6. Excessive Perseverance Of Fluids – At times your body can start to retain water more than usual causing a serious condition known as edema. Edema is primarily caused by excessive salt in diet, severe medications, damaged or diseased liver or kidney, congestive heart failure, damaged lymphatic system, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and even hormonal imbalance.

7. Underactive Thyroid – Also known as Hypothyroidism, underactive thyroid plays a dramatic role against fat loss. People undergoing this medical condition will put on fat more quickly than those facing obesity. Underactive Thyroid is very common in both males and females aged from 40 to 50. Most common symptoms are hair fall, skin irritation, chronic fatigues, decline in immunity, sensitivity to cold, irregular periods, muscle and joint pains, regular cramps and muscle numbness.

8. Hormone Imbalance – This occurs when those hormones that actively participate in controlling fat are either outnumbered or are out of balance. Many doctors support the idea that balancing hormones level is the secret to fat loss, eliminating sleeping disorders, catalyst energy, stress life and active health. Certain factors revolve around hormonal imbalances, such as acne, hair problems, pregnancy, severe medications, malnutrition, infertility and menstrual problems.

9. Indigestion – There might be certain types of food that are unfit for your stomach and are unable to be digested by you. Even at time your stomach might show zero tolerance towards them, such as due to excess acidity in your stomach. Some foods can also cause fluid retention hindering your fat loss. Studies show that approximately 10% of adults are a victim of food intolerance.

10. Drugs, Supplements or Steroids – Certain medicines have noticeable side effects related very closely to fat gain or inability to lose fat. You need to identify which medicines, anti-depressants, oral contraceptives, supplements and steroids are restricting your fat loss.



Fear of failure is worse than the failure itself. To achieve a healthy body, discard the factor of laziness and no-time-for-it approach from the equation of your life. Include working on both physical and mental grounds. Make sure to follow a diet chart which eliminates all sorts of junk food and fizzy drinks from your balanced diet. The possibility of suffering from severe health problems are much higher when a person is overweight or under uncontrollable obesity. Always give maximum attention to foods like vegetables, fruits, bran, leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, fruit shakes, and meat along with 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. It is very advisable to have your own healthy recipes.

The main reason for poor health, fatigue and longtime sickness is the improper, imbalanced and irrational eating habits. A lot of people these days suffer from diabetes, cancer and obesity just because of poor attention they give to their eating habits and routine.

To keep the machine running you really need to keep running. It is very beneficial to exercise at least 30-40 minutes 5 days a week. Early morning exercises can help you achieve a refreshed and exhilarating day full of energy and enthusiasm. Involving in variety of exercises is very much appreciable, like swimming, jogging, trekking, horse riding, sprinting, biking or even simple walking. Always go for activities that interest you the most, because keeping your mind healthy is equally the part of your health strategy.



There is nothing as the very best diet because there are so many out there and everyone tends to pick the one that suits them and their body type. But I can say one thing for sure that any diet that doesn’t ask you to starve yourself is going to be great and the best forever. And obviously little bit of exercise will boost your process of losing weight and staying healthy. According to the studies, there are 45 or more diets that people follow and everyone is different in some way or the other. 40 of all the diets that exist are termed as the “best” diets in United States.



There are various eating and dieting patterns thus one needs to focus on the one that they feel the most comfortable with. These tips might seem like the basics of weight loss but these are going to make any diet the best diet of all times. So let’s dig into these 5 best tip diets that will make your diet the best by all means.

  1. Hug the breakfast:

Your body is hungry since hours and you need to break the fast with the very first meal of your day. It gives you the much needed energy for the day that lies ahead of you. So the very first tip that makes any diet the best is breakfast. It energizes you and makes your diet healthy.


  1. Just Nibble on the Dessert:

Don’t make yourself go bonkers with craving but don’t gobble them down your throat too. You can nibble on the dessert. But no more than 3 bites is allowed in a diet and don’t take that daily too. Once a week is fine; it will kill your craving too and won’t add to your body fat too.


  1. Let the Calories Burn:

Work outs are meant to burn your calories. Yes you are allowed to stop for a while and catch your breath but no more than 30-50 seconds. You need to keep your body in the “burn the calories” process and stopping more than this time can start decreasing the calorie burning rate of your body. Therefore, keep the burning going on and catch your breath only for 30-50 seconds between changing exercises and running.

  1. Say NO to Binge Eating:

Binge eating is the perfect killer of any diet. To make your diet the best, make sure that you cut down emotional eating. If you are feeling like eating something timelessly, wait and ask yourself whether you are hungry or is it just an emotional rush? Make sure that you don’t get into an emotional spin and eat a lot. Don’t eat until you are actually eating. Also avoid the late night snacks. They are just going to keep adding to your body fat and you don’t want to destroy your diet plan, do you?


  1. Add in a lot of green Vegetables and fruits:

Veggies are the best way to make your diet the best of all. Vegetables offer you a punch of flavor and energy but are low in calories. Try sticking to vegetables for a week or two and you feel a lot of change in your body, on your own. So make sure that your diet must have a lot of veggies and green in them. Also hang on to fruits as they are low in calories but give your stomach a very satisfying and full feeling. Also make your own lunch as they decrease the level of hunger for you too. If you are at your workplace, the best thing to do is to take your lunch along, from home. Don’t eat the fast food as an excuse of having nothing around you.


To conclude it all off; it is simple as this that you need to make your diet the best if you want to lose weight. Don’t starve yourself as that is not the solution. You are going to get tired of the starvation diet really soon. Thus the best way is to start with a simple diet that brings healthy changes in your eating patterns and don’t forget to burn the fat with some workout or maybe a run in the morning.