Reflective Safety Dog Vest By Vizpet Review:

Tips for Purchasing Reflective Safety Dog Vest With Light Weight Adjustable by Vizpet

The Reflective Safety Dog Vest with Lightweight Adjustable Strap Protects Dogs from Cars Accidents by Vizpet is the perfect reflector vest for taking your dog with you for a walk, while ensuring its safety. The reflector is very comfortable and comes in different sizes.

  1. SIZE

The product has been designed to fit all sizes of dogs. From small size to large one, you do not need to worry about the size of your dog to try this product out.

The measurements range from:

Description small Medium Large
Neck 11.8 “-15.7” 16.5″-18.9″ 18.8”-22.”
Chest 14.1 “-18.1” 22.8″-25.9″ 26.7”-30.7.”
Length 10.6.” 12.5″ 15.7.”


  1. Material:

Reflective Safety do vest has been made from a very comfortable polyester material. Additionally, it contains breathing mesh to ensure that the pet is healthy, hence help in reducing the resistance and sting of pets from protective vests. Besides, the vest has an adjustable Velcro tightening which is easy to wear. The Velcro tightening gives you the leverage to adjust the size of the vest to a position your pet will feel comfortable.

  1. Visibility:

Nothing can match the combination and design of this vest. It is one of the best reflectors in the market right now that guarantees you a 10 meters visibility distance. Also, it ensures a 15 meters visibility during night hours. The fluorescent orange and green color define the easy visibility of the pet, thus reducing an occurrence of an accident, to protect you and your pet.

Other merits that accrue as a result of using this vest include:

Applicable scene: The vest is suitable for use in day and night, forests, underbrush, and roads. Moreover, the vest has a high resolution, easy to carry, high visibility and does not affect your pets’ daily activities.

At Vizpet, they are committed to 100% satisfaction and zero-risk purchase; thus they provide a 60-day Guarantee for clients.

Caution: This is a protective safety cloth. Hence, it will not completely cover the pet appearance, and cannot be used to keep your pet warm.

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