This Calculator Can Help You Figure Out How to Save $700K for Retirement

Think fast: Do you think you can save $700,000 for retirement?

Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it?

For those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, saving $700K sounds like a pipe dream. You might as well make plans to build a candy-coated castle in the clouds, right? Seems just as likely.

Ah, but what if I told you you could do it? Would you believe me?

What if I outlined a strategy to make it happen?

Here’s the one thing you should know: The sooner you start, the better.

The key to saving for retirement is to get serious about it as early as possible. It’s all about the power of compound interest.

Compound interest is interest you get paid on your interest. That way, your savings starts gathering interest like a snowball rolling downhill. With compound interest, your greatest asset is time.

To help you visualize this, check out the cool retirement calculator at Finhabits, an online investment service that’s geared toward first-time savers.

This low-cost digital retirement savings app can help you open an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) within minutes. Its mission is to encourage people to save for retirement — which is a good idea, since millions of Americans worry they’ll never, ever be able to retire.

To get to this handy retirement calculator, go to the Finhabits website and click “Get Started.”

Play around with the calculator. It’s fun!

It asks you for three things: Your age, how much money you can save per week and whether your investment risk level is conservative, moderate or aggressive.

Then it projects how much money you’ll have socked away by the time you turn 62. Its projections are based on Finhabits’ investment plans.

Here are some of the results we got:

  • You’re 20 years old. You set aside a certain amount of money each week and invest it in the stock market. (This is the “aggressive” risk setting.) In order to save $700,000 for retirement, you have to set aside $74 a week.
  • You start saving when you’re 25. In order to have that same $700,000 stocked away for retirement, you have to save $102 a week.
  • You wait until you’re 30 to get started. If you set aside that same $102 per week, you’ll end up with only $500,000, not $700,000. See how big of a difference just five years makes?

Seeing is Believing, So See For Yourself

Playing around with the calculator is really eye-opening. You can see for yourself how much difference it’ll make if you wait too long to start saving for retirement.

Sure, we all know in sort of a vague, general way that the more money you save, the better off you’ll be in your golden years.

But this calculator really puts it in black and white. It uses hard figures to spell out the effects your decisions today will have down the line.

3 Feasible Ways to Make $50 a Week

But, but, but … you’re saying. How do I set aside $75 a week?

You can probably save $25 a week by gritting your teeth and just doing it. Spend less. Go without that expensive latte every morning.

Beyond that, we have three ideas for making and/or saving that extra $50 per week. For maximum results, try all three.

Lyft: Hustle up some extra cash by driving for Lyft on your own schedule. Lyft keeps expanding and says its platform now covers 94% of the country..

Trim: Install Trim, a Facebook messenger bot that will negotiate your cable or internet bills down for you. It works with Comcast, Time Warner, Charter and other major providers. You sign up with Facebook, then upload a PDF of your most recent bill, and Trim’s AI-powered system gets to work. It’ll keep negotiating until it saves you money. Put the savings toward retirement.

Barclaycard: If you don’t have a cash-back credit card and can handle the responsibility of paying it off in full each month, you should get one. With the Barclaycard CashForwardWorld Mastercard®, you earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase. Each time you redeem those rewards, you also get a 5% redemption bonus to use toward your next redemption. Also, you get a $200 bonus when you sign up and spend $1,000 within 90 days. When you think about it, $1,000 over three months isn’t really that much — groceries add up pretty fast.

Take these steps, and maybe you’ll be able to retire after all.

Finhabits’ retirement calculator will help point the way. And once you’ve gotten a look at the numbers, the service will help you open an IRA.

Carlos Garcia, the financial entrepreneur who launched Finhabits, says that no matter how much you put away for retirement each week, it’s best to just do it and not put off saving.

Get started today. The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

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Mike Brassfield ( is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. He’d like to retire someday.

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