Wedding Tips

Wedding on a Budget?

Here are 5 tips to do it the most affordable way

Weddings can turn out to be the most expensive extravaganza for many individuals in their lifetime.  But when you’ve got so much pressure from family and friends to throw an event worth remembering, it’s hard for many to cut down on costs without compromising on some important factors. And with an approximate budget in mind, planning can turn out to be a daunting process.

If you happen to be facing a problem similar to this, we’ve got some wonderful news for you. You can now plan and execute your dream wedding in a budget. Follow these 5 simple tips on how you do it in the most affordable way. Let’s take a look.

Plan ahead so you have enough time to shop around for the best prices

Planning at least one year in advance can give you the luxury to search and shop around for the best prices relating to factors such as your photographer and wedding venue.

Go out and about to figure out the best deals, discounts and seasons that will make you eligible to the most competitive pricing aspects without compromising on quality whatsoever.

Off season weddings, remote locations present outside your city’s limits and choosing a day other than a Saturday can really help you save wonders when it comes to your dream venue.

Think outside the box when it comes to catering

Food and wine don’t come cheap and at the same time, they’re an absolute essential for any wedding related event too. If you can’t seem to find a catering company that fits into your budget, why not make your own. Get your family and friends to help in and give your wedding a personal touch.

And if that’s not possible, how about serving heavy appetizers instead of a whole sit down meal? Another great tip is to find a venue that allows you to serve your own liquor. Bars are super expensive at receptions so imagine how much you could save up on that.

Go the DIY route

Wedding photography is super expensive but also an element that cant’ be eliminated all together. Why not go the DIY route by hiring a set of cameras and drones for your photography session. Ask a family or friend that knows how to handle professional cameras to help out. Don’t forget to undergo training sessions to avoid blunders on the last day. You can even hire a person that’s just beginning their career as a photographer as they’re bound to cost you way less than a professional that’s been in the business for years.

Wedding stationary costs thousands but when you’re doing it by yourself, its custom designed to perfection and cost absolutely nothing. Send out handmade save the date cards by getting your friends in on the creative card making process. There are plethoras of templates online to be inspired by. You can do the same for menu cards and name placement cards for table setting too.

Use your creativity for décor and entertainment

Originality goes a long way when it comes to wedding planning. When selecting you venue, search for a location that’s attractive and has plenty of natural background and beauty to work with. This will allow you to save up on décor and backdrops big time.

When it comes to flowers, opt for fresh seasonal ones as off season floral doesn’t come cheap. Look out for flowers that can be repurposed throughout your wedding for décor that gives a stunning appeal yet is under budget.

For entertainment, ask a family or friend to perform or hire a freelance DJ to take care of the music for the night.

Search online for affordable wedding attire

With all eyes on the bride and groom, wedding attire must be awe inspiring. But when you’re on a budget, it’s hard to afford designer wear.

With a little online research and shopping around, you just might be able to hit the jackpot with wedding attire you simply adore at a fraction of a cost. There are also a number of sites offering one time use dresses that are just as good as new.

There you have it. Simple tips and tricks of the trade that will allow you to enjoy your wedding without having to sweat about staying budget through the planning process.


Unique Wedding Tips



Weddings here, weddings there, weddings everywhere.  The question is, with so many weddings happening daily, how do you make yours the most memorable and most unique depends on your wants and how the people you hire bring them out. The following ideas should come in handy when planning a unique wedding.

Find the theme

Most of the planning and wedding appearance heavily relies on the theme selected. A good theme is one that you and your spouse will love. This is your day, so while you aim at making your guests happy, the happiness of you and your spouse are paramount. Hence choose something that connects you two. It could be your favorite book, your comic fantasy or even your common love for a place.


What is a wedding without flowers?  Good flowers that is. The floral arrangements should be a sight to behold. Tell that to your florist. The flowers should blend in with the theme colors or be bold and beautiful.  This is why you should take time to locate a good florist. This will help you know whether your theme requires flowers or good looking shrub. A rustic theme will require more wildness than a tame one. Don’t color block on this part.

The tablescape should go hand in hand with the theme. Contrasting worlds can be a not confusing and obviously too much of something. If it’s a Hawaiian wedding, the tablescape should look like the wild, pristine coast. If it’s a magical fairy tale, why not have the cutlery resemble magic wands? You get the idea, yes?

The Bride

This is the stage and the bride is the star of the show.  She should be outstanding not sticking out like a sore thumb. I know it’s probably the only time you will get married so do not fit all your teenage dreams into one day. The dress may be Cinderella’s but remember even in fairy tales they don’t go for calls of nature. Discuss with the designer how make the gown work for you.

Go easy on the make up. Minimal is beautiful.  Narrow down on the accessories too. Those six inch you saw on the bridal magazine may not be a good idea because they the model was in a still shoot. You on the other hand will be walking around, dancing and kissing your exes goodbye. Go for comfort. You’ll need it.

The venue

This is an important part because it has to be determined by the weather among other things. If its in winter, you cannot have it outside, unless your friends are up for a cold ceremony. However, you can work out a plan to have a winterlike setting indoors. Outdoors are a fun venue that you can exploit in many ways. Jazz it up with the theme and make it tell your story. Talk to your planner to find out other ways you can funk up your big day.

Choose seasonal flowers

By choosing local, in season flowers you can save big on shipping cost unless it’s  free shipping.